Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hollyoak Climax

Being a fan of that yoof soap drama Hollyoaks I was utterly gripped by the simmering story of the evil Claire architecting the demise of poor old Max and Tom Cunningham and doing a runner with his money.

This plot has been building and building for the last few months until finally it reached its conclusion just the other day. In all my wisdom, I settled down to watch the two double parter on the Wednesday only to realise that I was due to go out Thursday for a couple of beverages with my mate Pickle. The conclusive episodes were on Thursday. Bummer! So the last episode is a Max who has just had major heart surgery and his evil wife Claire who has been emptying his drug capsules of medicine finally cottons on that she is indeed evil tries to do a runner with his little bruv Tom. So just as he confronts her about her scheming ways then just as night turns to day she convinces him that he's lost the plot. The strain is too much and he faints. The next thing, Claire has taken Tom out for a game of footy (supposedly). Max comes round to hear Claire screaming that Tom has fallen into the icy lake. With all the strength he could muster, Max struggles to the lake to see Tom's jacket floating in the lake. He jumps in and frantically tries to find the poor little soul only to realise that he has been locked in the car. The betrayal and the smirk of Claire is all too much as he goes into shock and sinks.

Mean time, O.B. Max's best ex-mate finding out where the evil wench has taken the two helpless heros comes tearing around the corner, takes one look at Claire and decks her one (that is hitting her across the face) and jumps into save Max. He drags him out....(intro emotive music). And that was it. What a tear jerker. I almost cried. Then by chance, yesterday evening they did the repeat and what joy it was to see Max alive and well!! Hooray!!!!

You see!? Hollyoaks isn't all tits and arse. Although that Louise (pictured above) does look dishier by the day.

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