Wednesday, December 13, 2006


As <> mentioned last night that she was not happy about being identified in the blog that I should either not mention her or change her identity. Sorry? Since when did your blog-name relate to your real name? Only one person, weeks ago, put two and two together and in fact that he is such a nice bloke that I don't think it matters. The other sore point was that I made mention that Foxy was looking glamorous the other night. Ok. So did <>. Happy now? The trouble is that I have always said in previous blogs how <> has looked amazing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and <>, there are many, many eyes looking at you in that way.

I find anything or anyone who forces some kind of censorship absolutely ridiculous. The point of a blog is to express ones self. If I really wanted to upset someone I would use their real name. Every person mentioned in my posts are real but have character names much like in a soap opera.

I had time to digest what was said last night and have come to the conclusion that the only kind of valid censorship is self censorship. Being adult enough to make a judgement call to decide what is suitable and what is not.

My blog. Believe me that this is an account of the world from my eyes. If you try and change that then this blog becomes worthless.

Two things happen from now on. The person who feels a little paranoid is now referred to as <> and perhaps will never be mentioned again. And to be honest I'm not bothered about it either. The other thing ? Like treacle, my blogs shall remain consistent.

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