Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Feeling like Sh*t.

Three reasons to feel like crap this morning.

Firstly, I enjoyed a night out last night with some of the "old crew" colleagues and mates for a final drink at my local drinking establishment. It was there that I concluded the mystery of the shagging at work story by finding out who the culprits were. It cames as quite a suprise as to who the male counterpart was. And then I also found out about the shagging in the disabled toilet at St Stephens Tavern story and who was involved in that. All I can say was that she was a regular frequenter of the Sports and Social.

It seems as though Pickle and her mate managed to talk to each other. I suspect that it was more of a step to a path in the right direction more than anything else. It sounds positive and very much in line with the christmas spirit. And speaking of spirits; is why I am feeling so awful. But there was a reason behind it.

Second reason for feeling like poo. My good mates wedding. Decision made. Will not go. Best wishes to Sweetie. Hope all goes well...

Lastly, when will they make owning and firing a gun in public at over enthusiastic road workers who insist on firing up an angle grinder at 7.30am???? Is that legal? And the thing that really, really pisses me off is that while I have been reading other peoples blogs from about 9.30am until now, there has not been a peep from the f**kers!! Basta*ds! W*nkers! I very nearly saw red. Never have I been so close to clumping worker on the head.

p.s. It took me five attempts to spell deliberately correctly. Probably suggests that I had five drinks to many.

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