Monday, December 11, 2006

Boxing part 2

Boxing and more boxing and more boxing. Saturday night and nearly an all star line up. The one everyone wanted to see a Harrison/Williams re-match and this time, it didn't disappoint. Cracking stuff right from the off. Harrison was a man after respect and had murderous intention towards Williams who I think is just about the bravest boxer around. He showed it too as Harrison laid into him relentlessly. I thought the fast pace would've simmered down into a steadier paced fight ending in a points decision. It thankfully wasn't to be. After Harrison cut Williams on the nose, Williams stepped up a gear, but so did Harrison. He not only smelt blood but tasted it too as there was enough of it flying around. Williams eventually destroyed I think broken heartedly told the spectators that his time might just be up. Perhaps. But just as Audley Harrison had said so last year and came back, so can Danny. Audley for Heavyweight champion of the world next year? I don't think so. Have you seen the size of the beast from the east, Valuev?

A mention to Amir Khan too. His first ten rounder against a very, very strong french man who just wouldn't go down. Or wobble. Look hurt. Looking at both builds, Khan was giving away a lot in terms of muscle bulk. I honestly thought this might have been his first professional defeat. Basically he was planted in there more as a sparring partner than anything else for Khan. Khan for all his speed and accuracy just couldn't harm the man. What it showed was it was a match about skill and technical boxing. No need for a knockout. One other thing to note. This was a test after all for Khan. Can he stay the course for a full ten rounds? Yes. Easily. Those top american boxers had better watch out.

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