Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mobile Messaging and technology

My job allows me the pleasures of experimenting/playing with new technology. I like my job a lot. Not a lot of people can say the same. The people I work with are great professionals and top chaps and chapesses.

Mobile technology has made us pretty much contactable nearly one hundred percent of the time. I was contacted last night just after midnight by my friendly stalker and a little later by someone at close to 2.00am. You can be contactable whilst shopping, out walking, in the gym, at meetings, in the library, at a doctors surgery, having a bath, taking a sh*t, self pleasuring or pleasuring another. I think you might be beginning to understand where I'm going with this.

It is comforting to know that you can contact someone almost at anytime of the day and for others to know that you are contactable. However there comes a time that one just wants that privacy away from email, telephone calls, text messaging etc and even snail mail. Where can we go ? What do we do about it? Someone once said of wearing a faraday cage wherever you go. Not a bad idea. But by doing that you'd draw much more attention to yourself. Not so good.

I just had a vision of the future where escape from being audited electronically is part of being born, where peoples mouths will be so small from lack of vocal communication and that food would be drip fed rather than chewed as people simply won't have time as everyone will be addicted to communication by plugging themselves in. People won't need to groom or wash themselves as their virtual counterparts will do all the flirting and procreation they need. The act of walking/exercise will be simulated by muscle agitators much like the ones that are on sale for toning your stomach muscles. Daylight only by UV light. Such will the need be for powering such technology that every natural resource on the planet will have nearly been consumed and human beings will have been sufficiently genetically modifed to breathe an air substitute or dual atmospheres much like duel fuel cars that we have at the moment.


Pnuematic drill now outside my window. What a Saturday this turning out to be!

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