Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Season

I feel like an old fart. Actually come to think about it, what does an old bit of flatulence feel like. What an old phrase! In fact what is the phrase "you old fart"? How old does a fart have to be to coin that phrase? Can one trap a fart in a jar and store it away for years and then release it into the atmosphere? Does farting on a piece of fabric retain its fragrance after a period of time?

I digress.

I spoke to a mate of mine about the seasonal part of the year that is upon us. Agreeing on the fact that christmas is for kids and the new year celebration is for adults. As I don't have any kids, does that make christmas less enjoyable? Dunno. I think christmas is about family and friends. New year is about that plus being with the one you love most. Not really about the venue although it does add to the excitement. The one thing that has bothered me about celebrating the new year is thinking about how many people do spend the night alone. Am I worried about that happening to me? Not really but I do feel for the people that feel that they are alone. Some say that lonliness is a state of mind. That is probably the most rubbish conclusion I have ever heard of. It is a deep seated emotional state that over time can be immensely difficult come out of especially when that person truely believes that there is absolutely no-one to share a few moments with. I'm not talking about relationships, I'm talking about the absence of friends and family. Someone to talk to. So my mind reminds me of a time when I did some voluntary work at an old peoples home many years ago. For the first time ever, I saw some characters that truely believed that they were lonely, but if it wasn't for the hard working commitment and love of the staff of the home, I truely think that it would be the saddest time of the year.

Its not just about the elderly. From all walks of life does loneliness affect people. From the hard nosed, coke sniffing, legal whizz-kid to the sanitiation engineer, it happens.

Why am I writing on a topic such as this? Because at least one time for whatever length of time, this happens to all of us. If you are asking if I am at that stage? Then no.

How often do you spend some time thinking of others?

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