Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Toilet Roll

Bog roll. More to the point cheap toilet roll. Just to prove a point the other week I thought I'd just see if it was really worth the extra money for that extra comfort for ones derriere. So with that in mind and with the thought that are people really that sensitive to the touch of a piece of paper on ones buttocks I bought a pack of six for one pound stirling. I was soon eating my words. Remember the bog roll that you had to use at school. You know. The tracing paper effort which just slid off your arse leaving what should have been on the paper still on the ring of fire. Well this stuff is worse. You'd have to roll out at least ten feet of the stuff so that your finger doesn't tear through it.

So what amounts to an absolute bargin ends up killing more trees than the free London papers you get on the streets at the moment. In fact I may just grab a load of the newspapers instead. At least it would serve a dual purpose. Something to read while one is on the throne and then when one has squeeze out the last of the lunch/dinner/breakfast/last night's kebab, one can be kind to the environment and use it for the obvious.

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