Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Party

Useful tip when going to a christmas party not on a friday night. Book the following day off.

Great party. I behaved myself (for once). I even resisted an offer of a snog. How grown up of me is that?

Far too much of the fun juice and made the devastating decision to follow the fellow party goers to the pub. Far too much hooch there although I got a better understanding of my fellow workers. Its nice to get an insight especially out the work arena. I think a once a month thing should be in order.

Kebab followed as is my tradition. Forgot to buy cat food so will have to make the extraordinary trip to the pet shop of dubious practices.

Forgot something at work so will have to make that journey too.

Hot date set for tomorrow night. Actually I thought she'd blown me out. Not quite the case thankfully. Patience man. Patience. Hopefully that may go well as she is very, very attractive, GSOH, and likes much the same sort of thing that I do, but in moderation. Wish me luck!


Joe said...

Good luck, my friend

2Darts said...

Thanks Joe.