Sunday, December 17, 2006

Balls as Big as Asteroids.

Not exactly the Profumo affair...
Who'dve guessed it old that old party animal hopeless Lembit smooching with one hit wonder and one half of the Cheeky Girls Gabriela. I feel sorry for Sian Lloyd although a couple of mates of mine who have met both Hopeless and Sian suggested that they were as bad as each other and that perhaps their personalities off screen matched that of a hippo with constipation. These TV personality types, Pah! As for Hopeless, I've had first hand experience of his slightly arrogant alter ego. I digress.

So it looks like the Sports and Social may indeed be graced once again by Hopeless and his new bit of crumpet soon enough.

One most amusing bit of the interview with Sian was her following observation of the House of Commons:

"Lembit is a real barfly and there's a massive drinking culture in the House of Commons. The drinking is beyond what most people would even begin to comprehend. It is hard core."

No shit love! I'd never have guessed it.....


Anonymous said...

ha! what an odd couple - then again, Lembit + AN Other would be an odd couple

I photographed the cheeky girls a while back - signing calenders or some such dullness

they're pretty nice up close - if a bit on the bony side

must be a 'maturity' thing - but I'm more attracted to figures like the one dancing along to black elvis last night


2Darts said...

...oh you mean the bony girls do you Guiness?. I'm sure they look great in real life. Have they a personality to match?

2Darts said...

Oh yes. The lady at "Black Elvis" night had a fine pair of maracas too!

Anonymous said...

they're certainly more bony than cheeky

I like the pic of Lembit you found

looks a lot like Viv from the Young Ones in the University Challenge episode

2Darts said...

Its not too difficult finding a picture of him looking ridiculous..