Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dirty Little Prescott

Who'dve guessed eh ? Rolly Polly Prescott dipping his wick in some place not his wife. It really does set in stone the theory that old fat ugly but successful men do get the women. I do feel sorry for his missus. She probably thought she had a safe bet with the Cave Troll. Nobody could possibly take a shine to him let alone polish his bell end.


Apologies for the colourful metafor.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Darts Compo....

Commiserations to the doubles team (who cannot be named) who I considered to be worthy rivals to myself and my mate Dave. Having said that Mr Hofie and team mate played well enough to be worthy opponents too.

Tough game, tougher crowd (the baby). Nevermind eh ? There's always next year!!

Speaking of 1st round knockouts. Our time will come soon enough as my mate Dave and I are to face them this week. They are considered to be the best pairing for this tournament, so if we lose to them, it'll be easier to take the loss than to lose to a lesser team.


My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss

Who invented this program ? I'll find out later. I've been working a late night shift recently and so wake up a little later in the morning. I flick the TV channel to the aforementioned program and began watching it with out realising its spoofy nature. I couldn't believe when the Boss bloke turned to 'Robert' and called him short. As in stature. Wow, that really reflected how much of a Politically Coorect world we live in to gasp in shock about such a comment. I only realised later that it is a spoof and a bunch of actors taking the piss out of these poor contestants. I must admit, I really enjoy the unP.C'ness of it all. Fantastic!!!! I think living in a pressure cooker environment of cultural and social divides sometimes it nice to turn that 'valve' around to release some of that steam and make life a little easier to breathe.....

One final comment. The birds in there are really fit, but surely the only business for them is of the ironing kind... just joking !!!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Birthday Bash

Happy birthday Queeny. From the point of view that almost everyones birthday should be celebrated that I congratulate the old bird. I'm not an all out anti-monarchist but really! Why should I have to pay with my money for a fancy bit of bog roll so that these slightly out of touch characters can wipe their arse with it.

A friend, who know's me as quite the anti-facist had to point out that yesterday was Adolf Hitlers birthday. My local drinking establishment started St Georges day celebrations yesterday too (yes I know it IS a little early for that). Am I missing something ? How are these events linked ? The Queen, the Head of State, has a bit of German in her. Hitler, one could argue was one of the greatest leaders of the last century. How else could an entire nation love him enough to have accepted the atrocious things he and his political party/followers/henchmen did. Perhaps he put some mind altering drug in the water. I digress....and St George's day celebrated early. One would hope that it would overshadow the celebrations of the other two.

...The Phoenix Has Risen

With a fresh angle on life. I'm back.