Wednesday, November 14, 2007


As some of you know, my opinion of religion can rub certain people up the wrong way. Once upon a time I knew of a lady who had a particulary close association with the guy/gal in the sky who told me that one day I would return to believe in God. It was a casual comment. Yet somehow this stuck in my mind. Every so often I think of what she mean't by that. I was brought up to believe in God and for reasons mention in previous entries I don't. I do however think about what she said. God has a mention in Wikipedia. One line in it says "the source of all moral obligation". Would it be inappropriate to say that individuals are sources of moral obligation? Surely the leaders of our land are obliged to fulfill a moral obligation if there was an alternative arguement. Whatever the arguement, I have discovered a book by Richard Dawkins which seems to provide a solid debate on the issue. I have yet to read it. Scientists continually through their own practice try to dispprove of the notion of a higher being. Could it also be by their own actions that they are by the sum of all their discoveries prove that God does indeed exist but not in the way God is traditionally protrayed? Just for a moment, put on a different hat and perhaps realise that the language that we speak may not always be so accurate to describe a higher being. What if either through ancient text or mathematics we are all describing the same thing? I think that inside our hearts and soul that there is a force that breathes life into every component of everything.....absolutely everything.

Test of Time

Its been a while since I've written something on this blog. A lot of time seems to have passed and yet hardly any time at all. Some of my fellow bloggers have long since left the blogging scene in favour of Facebook.

I too sucumbed to the temptation of Facebook. As it has matured and gone are the people's idea that to be popular is to have a zillion "friends" listed on facebook, its has become quite an important tool for communicating with long lost friends and family or for friends and family that live too far away to be practical for a visit.

Update so far in the world of 2Darts:

Lewis Hamilton didn't win this years grand prix. If he did then the world would truly be a perfect place to live in but alas this isn't so.

Gone is the single life for 2Darts. And I might add I announce this with much celebration. Gone are the hedonistic days, the days of kebabs are but a distant memory. As is the many nights of boozing and shameful behaviour. Yes, I've joined a convent. No. Actually it is the love of a good woman that should me the righteous path.

Has blogging had its day with me? I don't think so.

I've spent the last couple of months catching up with the real world and the real world is full of friends getting married and having babies. Its a joy to hear one friend of mine has recently given birth to a son. And I feel chuffed to bits as she and I grew up in the days of reckless behaviour and to find a real life outside the now senseless partying that once consumed and apparently fulfilled our lives. Everybody moves on. For some it takes a life time and for others it is now. It must be an inbuilt mechanism that tells us when we are ready to do the right thing. Are we pre programmed to follow this path? It seems so when you believe that is the way forward. I used to think that you could predict the future. Cover every eventuality; but even then, something out of the ordinary happens, something you think may never happen and it suddenly does. I guess sometimes we wish to think that our lives are set before us and then........and then.