Friday, April 21, 2006

Birthday Bash

Happy birthday Queeny. From the point of view that almost everyones birthday should be celebrated that I congratulate the old bird. I'm not an all out anti-monarchist but really! Why should I have to pay with my money for a fancy bit of bog roll so that these slightly out of touch characters can wipe their arse with it.

A friend, who know's me as quite the anti-facist had to point out that yesterday was Adolf Hitlers birthday. My local drinking establishment started St Georges day celebrations yesterday too (yes I know it IS a little early for that). Am I missing something ? How are these events linked ? The Queen, the Head of State, has a bit of German in her. Hitler, one could argue was one of the greatest leaders of the last century. How else could an entire nation love him enough to have accepted the atrocious things he and his political party/followers/henchmen did. Perhaps he put some mind altering drug in the water. I digress....and St George's day celebrated early. One would hope that it would overshadow the celebrations of the other two.

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