Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss

Who invented this program ? I'll find out later. I've been working a late night shift recently and so wake up a little later in the morning. I flick the TV channel to the aforementioned program and began watching it with out realising its spoofy nature. I couldn't believe when the Boss bloke turned to 'Robert' and called him short. As in stature. Wow, that really reflected how much of a Politically Coorect world we live in to gasp in shock about such a comment. I only realised later that it is a spoof and a bunch of actors taking the piss out of these poor contestants. I must admit, I really enjoy the unP.C'ness of it all. Fantastic!!!! I think living in a pressure cooker environment of cultural and social divides sometimes it nice to turn that 'valve' around to release some of that steam and make life a little easier to breathe.....

One final comment. The birds in there are really fit, but surely the only business for them is of the ironing kind... just joking !!!!

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