Monday, December 11, 2006

Football and Trivia

Watch the Chelsea and Arsenal game last night? Cracking football! For the star that is Didier Drogba, he is a player that just doesn't know what the meaning of self restraint is. In all honesty I thought a 1-0 defeat to the Arsenal by about half time but then nearly 80 minutes in, a goal. It turned out that the majority of people in the pub were Arsenal supporters with the except of a few including a friend of mine who clearly and sensibly kept his gob shut........until that is a goal from Chelsea to which all of about three people shouted "Yeeeeesssss!!!" but were barely audible over the shouts of "Noooooo!". Hilarious. Why then as a Liverpool fan was I interested? I wasn't execpt for the fact that I'd bumped into these two nice characters a while back and had promised a night out. One in particular who is a rather attractive laydee!

Unfortunately said laydee had to leave, leaving my new found friend and I enjoying beer and pool. Cracking stuff. This leads me on to my theory of left handed people. I along with Jon and Barry's Beef and Audley Harrison are one of a few select people blessed with being left handed. Science indeed proves that lefters are faster and more multitasking thinkers.....and flatteringly true. (Tell me if my ego gets a little too inflated).


Sportingo said...

Do you blog on football often?

2Darts said...

Woah!!!! Do I blog about football often? Is the pope jewish? Like Sheffield Wednesday and their performance, seasonal...International's and the euro's are my bag. Liverpool is my team but not like McLaren Mercedes. More like an F1 fan.

What about you?