Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This Life

Does anyone remember "This Life". BBC2 night time telly was never better. Ten years ago the Beeb introduced us to a drama about a bunch twenty something year olds and the trials and tribulations of being an adult, being gay, having affairs, finding jobs etc. Sounds like sh*t boring stuff when put on paper. But with the quick camera work and some direct, honest threaded plots made for exciting viewing.

What was I doing at 22? I was doing pretty much the same as some of the characters in the drama series. Just out of university, having to cope with real grown up things, bills, rent, social life, bad relationship and so on. It had amazing appeal to anyone fitting a certain profile. That being pretty much everyone of that age that I knew. It was a show to talk about. The best bit of the entire two series? Of course it has to be the punch up at the wedding where Milly's secret affair gets found out. Cracking stuff!

So the BBC are doing a reunion special on the 2nd of January 2007. Will it be any good? For those who never saw the original, I'd say don't bother watching it. You wouldn't know what's going on. There was a certain intimacy with the viewer with each episode that for some one "on the outside" wouldn't understand. For those that did like myself, I suspect that it'll be good viewing but perhaps will have lost some of that sparkle of ten years ago. But hey I guess some of the sparkle I had ten years ago seems to have matured (not faded as was the first word that popped into my head).

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