Wednesday, December 06, 2006

...and another thing.

Having a cold is bloody awful. I hate having a runny nose, a blocked nose, a crusty nose. You get my point. So as is the capitalist world we live in there are many a cold remedy which don't actually work at all. Do you seriously believe that taking all that lemsip, beechams powder is going to speed up your recovery? No hell does it! Just like tissues (for the nose). For what it is, it costs a stupid amount of money for one to blow out all that snot into some (on a ratio of function versus cost) expensive paper. Take the cost of kitchen towels instead. Cheaper; and they are advertised as being super absorbant! Why are some people too stupid to realise that while kitchen towels are made for soaking up liquid and other sticky type substances that people insist on buying tissues instead?

Come to think of it. What was ever wrong with using your sleeve? At least it's reuseable!

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