Saturday, December 09, 2006

Old Age - (re-edited for the slightly sensitive person)

It must be a sign of maturing. I'm lying in bed nursing a hangover. Not a headache. I never get one even after having been on a massive bender. Nope, just the wasted feeling. Now I know what older people feel like when the old vino becomes more potent than it was several years back.

Actually while I'm on the subject of boozing. Last night seemed a very odd night. Oh hell, the whole week has been colourful to say the least. Lets start with the training course. I got in late, spent the first half an hour pissing about trying to get my head together. The course went well and I took the course trainer for a beerski. I should have left when he did, but of course me being me, I stayed for more. Then I spotted this really fit babe that I'd met some weeks back with her flat mate who's a top bloke. I sat with them for a considerable time. Two extremely pleasant people to indeed.

Some time later <> walks in with barely a hello to begin with and Foxy followed shortly after looking as glamorous as ever. The two seemed to have some kind of comedy act going on. Both blonde and a little dizzy that evening. I continued talking to my new chums until the fit babe had to leave. I sat for a while longer until I realised I hadn't spoken to the other two. So with that I brought along new chum and Joe the Sparky who I mentioned to them earlier that sexy babes Foxy and <> were at the other side of the bar. It kept the girls entertained or should I say the other way around while I played darts.

The next thing I know, another lady friend of mine pulled me to one of the poshest dinner party events I been to for a long while. Not only that but I was waited on hand and foot. Christmas dinner was brought to me along with free booze and a pudding. I stepped out to visit the loo and found myself a little lost. When I eventually found my way back Foxy and <> called out to me. Somehow they had managed to blag their way into the event too. I've missed a little detail. All three women are friends with each other. The only problem was that my lady friend had fallen out with the other two, or should I say the other way around. Note to ones self. Never, ever get involved with a bunch of squabbling women. Terrible. Not only that but I had every intention of going to a friends party that evening. But the ladies were not so keen to release their pawn (me) in their battle.

So to summarise the week. I nearly ruined a wedding, I've been stalked, and I've been used and abused. How low can a bloke feel eh?

Actually the wedding bit turned out really welll for my mate Sweetie. Seems a good heart to heart with Big Nut about his seeming upsetting antics has got them back on track. So there must have been method in my accidental madness. I glad they are happy again. I wouldn't have been able to live with myself too well if it got cancelled. I'm not so sure about attending the wedding though.


**acronym** said...

Hello 2Darts :) I can see that you haven't change since the last time we talked :) Your life is as colourful as it has always been, good. My life is as full-of-studying as always too ;) good to hear form you, hugs :*

2Darts said...

Good to hear from you too. Its been such a long time since we spoke. Its good to read that you're life is better than before and you're blogging again!
Hugs back! :*