Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Modern day cars have no character. Fact. Most of them have been designed in wind tunnels or crossed eyed designers with the exception of a few. The BMW Z4, BMW 6 series, Aston Martin, Chrysler 300C are some that I think will be classics sooner rather than later.

So with that, I present to you my all time classic cars.

  • Shelby Mustang GT500 (given a choice between the most beautiful woman in the world and this...)

  • Lamborghini Countach LP400S

  • Ford Mustang 69, 71, 72 Boss

  • BMW CSL (Batmobile)

  • BMW M635CSI

  • Lotus Esprit V8

  • BMW M3 EvO E30

  • Ford Capri Brooklands 280

  • Mercedes SL500 Gullwing

  • Ford Sierra Cosworth

  • Porsche 911 RS 2.7

  • Audi Quattro

  • BMW M5 (any vintage)

  • Pontiac Firebird Transam

  • Chevvy Camaro

  • Dodge Charger

  • Dodge Challenger

  • Ford GT40

  • Aston Martin V8

I'll stop at that.


Anonymous said...

alright - you had 911 on there

mea culpa

(well, mea niall really)

Anonymous said...

Hey! what's wrong with you man? no smart car? not even the Brabus! OK, I'm biased

I can live with most of your list - except the Sierra Cosworth - it might be fast, but it just looks shite - a bit like an Austin Maxi that can do 0-180mph in 3.6 seconds

others to include on list ... ;
E-Type Jag
Mini Cooper (old one - not new modern rubbish)
Porsche 911 carrera
MG Midget
Caterham (the car - not the place)

otherwise, good list!!

PS. If Caterham the place makes the list then please include Coulsdon - just to be fair.

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