Wednesday, December 13, 2006


What on earth is wrong with that small minded man from the USA who thinks he's running the country? The man speaks of not being rushed into changing his Iraq policy. Thousands dead and counting. A country on the brink of civil war, if hasn't happened already and a mis-guided defiance of right and wrong. Sure, Saddam Hussein was not the kind of leader of a country that the people wanted and the people wanted so many different things for their selves but didn't get it for Saddam's policies. Global democracy is a wonderful goal. In a part of the world where democracy is rare how on earth does a democratic country such as the US impose its values and beliefs on a land not readily equipped for such sudden change? Like kids in a sweet shop; all of a sudden offered the freedom to steer their country the way they want after so many years of oppression. How does that work? History concludes that this strong armed tactic for decades will cause unrest and violent confrontation. The majority of the countries in the middle east have for a long time been used to a way of life. Not necessarily a happy one. Does a wave of a magic wand solve all the micro cultural differences in a land governed by dictatorship? No. Evolution of a society over hundreds of years is where democracy stems from. Another thing. Why hasn't the US walked into North Korea or Syria or Iran? Sierra Leone? Ethiopa? No capital interest. I'm bored of this topic. I'll be back with something else.

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