Monday, December 04, 2006

Call Him a Comedian?

Who planted the evil seed that has turned into Russell Brand? Channel 4 I suspect. Since when did he become a comedian? I was bored one friday night so I channel hopped for a while. I found a channel with a particular film that I wanted to watch but the adverts were on so out of curiosity I flicked over the the 'Russell Brand Show'. In the space of twenty second, I decided a couple of things.

He's a twat

Why do the late teens/early twenty-something year old audience find him so funny? I mean I can understand why racists find Bernard Manning funny (clearly not my cup of tea) because it is of a humour that I can understand that appeals to a group of people. But this Russell Brand? What Brand of humour is this? Am I missing something here? Has a generation of humour passed me by? Is this why my parents never found Euro Trash funny? or indeed Bottom? Oh dear. I'm turning into my Dad. Not really, my Dad has a brilliant, devilish at times, sense of humour. Russell Brand is truly the most worthless piece of entertainment on television. All built on a reputation of an ex-junkie and an alleged ladies man. Tabloid fodder twat.

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Barry Beef said...

he is a cock. and he steals harry hill gags.