Monday, December 11, 2006

Cable Entertainment TV

The cable televisual experience is crap. Not only are most of the channels offering repeats but they happen to be ones that I don't really care about. A fine example of this is Hallmark. The most pointless TV programming ever. Who the hell watches this channel? Daily Mail readers? The Daily Express massive. Members of the Womens Institution? Old retired folk? Single mums with fifteen children, each one by a different father? Please! I'm not being ageist or classist but it seems like these movies on this channel have about as much appeal as a melon up ones backside.

....with the exception of E4. What is it about repeats of "Friends" that most folk find eternally funny? I was never too bothered about watching it when it first popped up on Channel 4 back in the nineties but as they run a double bill every night at just about the same time I finish my daily chores after work, I look forward to the antics of those hilarious but overpaid Americans. What saddens me is there doesn't seem to be a Brit equivalent. Doesn't matter. At least there was "The Office". Even better and perhaps flattering also is that the American's took the format and made a reasonable job of it.

I wonder if they could do a job of "Only Fools and Horses"? No. Probably not. This particular show is a British Institution, much like the Mini or a pint of bitter and Dairylea.

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