Sunday, December 03, 2006

Not Interested

I've never had a stalker before. Well, I shouldn't be too harsh but I received a text and a missed call. The former was sent at 3.39am and the voicemail left at 2.50am from a lady that I only met the once. Clearly impressed by my charm and wit I now have some trouble getting rid of this rather clingy lady. Dilema. I tried letting her down gently and clearly this has not worked. I haven't lied or made excuses but I haven't told her the real reasons (grin). Perhaps I should suggest that I am of an unstable mind. No. I can't say that otherwise that makes us two peas in a pod. Damn. Out of prison on good behaviour? Terrorist. No can't do that one otherwise the keystone cops will be after me too along with half of MI5/6. Perhaps I could tell her that I'm a Benylin Chesty Coughts addict. I don't know! Or I could just tell her to fuck off.

While doing some research, I found this. It has an american slant to it but is supposed to be for the UK audience. I wish I'd found this advice a about thirteen years ago... Askmen Women Psycho

Attention from the opposite sex should be flattering but when it gets to this stage, its just irritating. Hopefully it won't get scary. I'd better double lock the front door.......

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