Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stalker again....

Yes. I'm still not worried about this lady rather obssessed with me. This time a phone call at 4.27am. As luck would have it I was out having a couple of lemonades with 2darts senior, Ma 2darts and Guiness (family friend). Having consumed copious amounts while listening to the local singing talent, "Black Elvis", I got home for some urgently needed zzzzz's. I anticipated a peaceful sleep and the phone rings. No way! 4.27am! Stalker! Damn.

Speaking of Black Elvis who captures all the knee jerking epileptic fit simulating crazy kind of dancing in all its original glory, the music was a little loud for the size of the pub. I mentioned this to my mate Guiness to which the response was, so that people outside would hear it and then might be enticed in to coming in for drinks and amusement. If that were true then it really would be a honey trap of some magnitude. Whilst the regulars are slowly becoming deaf, the people outside are oblivious to this damaging effect. Initially they would walk in with the delight of seeing Elvis gyrating and swinging his hips and they'd buy a drink, after which they might comment a little about the volume of the music to each other. A few drinks later, they may glance to the sound engineer as if to hint at turning the music down. A few more after that they can't hear a word. At all. Next time I'll bring in the ear plugs.

Another theory could be that the owners of the pub are a little hard of hearing. As they make the judgement call, they have the last word.....and Elvis too.

A great night though made all the more amusing by the loud music promoting misunderstandings, mis-hearing, missing my mouth with the beer. Oh, and speaking Beerglish by the end of the night.

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