Monday, January 01, 2007


Nasim Hamed stripped of his MBE. I wonder how many other people have suffered the same fate. And in case some of you don't know who this chap is then let me remind you. He was a first class british boxer known for his quick fists and fancy leg work and also an ego the size of Jupiter. Not so long ago he crashed his McLaren Mercedes into another blokes car whilst overtaking on a blind bend. Said bloke got totally mashed up nearly beating Evil Kinevels broken body parts record. So it has taken this long for old Queeny to withdraw the MBE award for the stupid, arrogant lardy arse boxer. And on New Years day as well! Bad timing.

Some people maybe thinking the little fat f**ker might do one of two things. Be totally remorseful and back a major comeback into the ring and win for Queen and country or head down to the nearest boozer and drink himself into oblivion. Okay. He is a devout muslim so probably not the latter. Or perhaps Queeny has a really cunning plan and she is not the silly half wit that some of us think she is. Perhaps she really is a secret fan of blobby ex-boxer and just wants to see him back in the ring again and the only way she can get him to fight again is to withdraw the MBE and suggest that if wants to have it back he will have to fight again......

What on earth am I talking about.

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