Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Can anyone be more....

...stupid!!! Either I am talking about myself or someone else. Some of you might opt for the former. Ok. Last night I lost a fiver. And for once paid up. It was a test of the english language of "me, myself or I". Unfortunately I lost. Damn. It all came down to whether "Dave and I" or "Dave and me". Which was the correct way of saying? I lost on a majority. Oh well.

Really not happy about the remainder of last night though. The sheer rudeness of some people in a public house. Being friendly is a good thing in a place like a pub. Being with friends in a pub is better. Unfortunately I witnessed a particularly humiliating spectacle by which a poor bloke was left utterly humiliated by two of his friends for seemingly no reason. I don't know. The sheer arrogance of some people eh? Luckily the landlord of the establishment is rather good pals with the man in question and as a parting shot, the landlord may well ban the idiots. Who needs riff raff like that in a fine establishment like that eh?

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