Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Note on the Guiness Rant

Just re-read your parting comment and as I know your wonderful sense of humour I too would be inclinde to agree. Lets round them all up and with a branding iron, call them stupidity. But please bear in mind that when that happens you bring these moron to band together (as observed in your earlier point). As this happens and they are seen as pariahs, and most likely ridiculed, something that history has shown us; from once they were weak minded babbling fools, to in strength in numbers they grow (cue biblical music) till one day they announce themselves to the world. A new order! A new way of thinking! A new religion! Stupidism. They will infliterate our governments (its already happened in America), our schools will not longer be safe haven for religious indifference. All those who oppose Stupidism will have to wear arm bands as a mark of identity of the non believers. The skies will darken and rain turns to blood with which rivers will flow.......have I got carried away?

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Anonymous said...

ha - the old rivers of blood reference - nicely turned on it's head

I fear you may be right - Stupidism is here already

there was a good piece in the Media section of the Independednt a week back decalring that the furore over BB could only happened over here because of our newspapers and the sway they have on TV & politicians

also re prev comment - it's true that all you ever see me drink is guinness - but then I also consume peanuts in full view of the public

er - actually no. please stick with the liquid based nickname