Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In Response to Guiness

Thanks for your emotive response in your earlier comment. Yes indeed. Like you I had no interest in CBB and never have done. For anyone who seems to think that the antics of hand picked idiots on screen is going to cause an international incident and even make mention in Parliament is likely to be an idiot themselves. Hang on, it did.

Bigotry, racism, igorance, (or word of the month in the context of this article) plays a part in all cultures. It is not one way racism. It can be quiet un-nerving the first time I ever heard blatant racism within the indian culture. I was mortified that for all the racism I experienced, here for the first time I heard people that I once felt a part of suddenly tear down my beliefs that we were the ones who were victims. Certain relatives would say the most outrageous things. And at the same time when confronted with the accusation that they too are racist, the same reaction occurs. "Of course I'm not" or "I'm only joking." What a load of rubbish. It seems as though this form of counter-stupidity/racism only stokes this perpetual fire.

Perhaps this is why I like so many feel it better to shed a part of that identity that we inherit for an identity that we can truly call our own.

TV show or not, yes stupidity exists in all cultures, the frightening thing is that those with extreme racist, fascist, ignorant beliefs tend to whisper and mutter behind closed doors. One can only imagine the kind of real hatred they have. Simmering away in the quiet of their homes. Its those types of people who clearly haven't grasped the opportunity to embrace multiculturalism. Some say multiculturalism is a dilution of the fabric of Britishness. I also seem to remember the British Empire starting this all off. Inadvertently of course. I think as a nation we should be extremely proud in the way that as a whole we embrace all the multitudes of society, culture, race and religion. I think despite some of the inherited problems faced with our multi-culturalism we lead a more tolerant, and colourful life.

Incidentally, the nickname Guiness is not for that fact that Guiness is of Irish descent but its the only bloody thing I see him drink. And by rights Guiness could christen me a nickname based on my drinking habits too but that would mean it would be something like:


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