Thursday, January 04, 2007

Strange occurences

Weird night. And I didn't have cheese before bed time. Actually I munched a packet of cheddars. Not technically cheese. Cheesy flavour. Mmmm.

Whilst in dream land, my dream mobile phone started dream ringing. Loud enough to wake me to find that my real mobile phone had rung. Whilst in dream land I answered it a fit babe spoke, reality seemed a little less glamorous. The voicemail left was of a lady but not asking for me. A wrong 3.00am!

Back to dream land again and later in the dream whilst trekking through a muddy field looking for a monster eating people the dream mobile phone goes again. This time its a text. Again from a fit babe. I even read it. I can't remember the contents but I awake to find a text from a lady friend on the real mobile phone and yes theres a message but different to the one in the dream.

Note to one self. Do not think that you are experiencing messages from the "other world".

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