Sunday, January 28, 2007

A state of mind

Not that I'm counting the months that I have been single for. Okay, so I am.. A thought occurred to me just this minute about the subject. Can it be true that as long as one constantly reminds himself or herself that they are single that they are likely to remain so? There must have some truth to it. Perhaps the only time when one is truely happy is when one forgets about the fact that they are single. Perhaps then only can they/we find the happiness that we are looking for. And I'm not talking about finding that special person. I suppose it must be about being happy. Full stop. Which ever way that works out. The other day I thought about the "what ifs" and "what if I..." and concluded the same thing over and over again. What if I realise that what has happened and what consequences that followed are just a form of change that forever we all go through. Some people find it hard to accept this basic rule of life. Things change constantly no matter how colourful or bland ones life is. It is constantly changing.

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