Monday, January 08, 2007


What is it about Friends? One can share moments of joy and happiness with them and also sorrow and sadness too. And sometimes you wonder why it all had to end. A clash of egos perhaps? Money? Fame? Or just plain boredom? I am of course talking about the TV series and not myself. Over the festive season (doesn't it seem like a long time ago?) I was entertained by the many episodes televised. How on earth had I missed this bit of comedic genius? Its not that I've lived on a different planet or have never ever seen an episode, its that I'd never bother paying too much attention to it before. So, my first new years resolution will be to catch up on ten years worth of Friends. Mmm. That last sentence has a sense of irony.......if I had been in a coma for a considerable length of time..

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