Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Twisted Logic part Deux

Whilst reading the news this morning I came across the sad news of five teenagers who died in a horrific car crash. Basically, they had stolen a Rover Metro car and eventually smashed into three walls, a lamp post and a car. A terrible waste of life. But perhaps it could have been prevented. Taking the David Cameron, hug a hoodie approach, had some rich old bastard conviniently left the keys to his Mercedes S500 in the lock, then potentially this fatality could have been avoided. Rover Metros are renound for folding like paper just by hitting a pebble. Take care of your friendly local hoodie. Give them the security they need. You can't beat a Merc.

What a terrible thing I've said. Nope. Not really. For one, where the hell did hoodie culture spring up from? Why has society gone all soft on these feral beasts that cause nothing but fear and paranoia in the decent working people. And pensioners. At the first sign of feral type symptoms, off to the Borstal they go. The thought of a bit of harmless ass raping by some seven foot, twenty stone, seventeen year old thug might make them think about stealing, mugging, beating someone. In my day the fear of god, were my parents. If I was ever caught doing something I shouldn't, then boy I would be petrified at the thought of my Dad ever finding out. Have some parents of this day and age lost all sense of discipline? That programme, Lads Army has the right idea. Bring back national service and get these idiots doing something useful.

The really sad thing about the failure of our system is that two of the lads in the accident had already been issued an ASBO. Looking at the pictures of those poor kids I can only say that was a tragic shame they lost their lives and for them to miss out on the wonders of what may have been. Incidentally, the article read was of an inquest into the manner of the accident.

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Anonymous said...

darwinism in action

stupid people doing stupid things that get them killed - if not signed up to BB first

reminds me to check out the Darwin awards - one year's winner was a bloke who tied a weather balloon to his armchair and went up near the stratosphere

more inventive, it has to be said than your average hoodie, but stupid, all the same,