Sunday, January 28, 2007

Big Bother

So a bunch of egos have left the Big Brother house and the controversy ends.....with a big moral vote, Shilpa Shetti wins and we can all feel proud of our selves for resurrecting that veil that is utopia. So voting for Shilpa, "The Indian" redeems the under current of racism in this country. What a joke. Am I suggesting that all Brits are a bunch of shallow characters; that we are too afraid to acknowledge the coal face prejudices that linger in our society? Now that would be too close to the bone. What if I were to suggest that we are a society of people too afraid to understand our own personal prejudice that we make an example and a scape goat of someone like Jade Goody? I for one as a British Indian find this whole spectacle interesting. I have a great many friends from all walks of life and from different cultures. The culture that defines me are my friends, my family, my lifestyle and my self awareness and awareness of others. People like my friends and I never see skin colour or cultural differences. Infact I'd like to think we are not even aware of it. I am proud to be one of many; and thankfully in a melting pot like in a cosmopolitan city like London to be a part of a new culture that does not recognise social or cultural difference as an excuse for prejudice, and that is wonderful.

Prejudice of some kind will always play a part in human nature for that is who we are and how we behave. But prejudice also plays a part in deciding between what is right and what is wrong. Without such a thing as that then what would become of people who willfully commit crime and disorder?

I watched the highlights of the last few weeks of the events in the CBB household tonight and there were things that I was shocked to hear. So were a great many people. But what I am truly shocked by is my own ignorance. How could I have thought such sour, narrow minded people were a thing of the past because it is as real as day and night. I thought yes it exists but only in the small minded racists that thankfully I don't have to see or hear everyday. But shockingly as by virtue of being I assumed (stupidly) a celebrity that they would at least have an understanding of the diversity of culture. How wrong I am. I could mention bullying. Prejudice of a different crime.

I have in my youth been a victim of terrible prejudice, racism at its most cruelest. There is nothing worse as a child than to question why for the sake of who you are that you aren't excepted as part of the community for the simple reason of the colour of ones skin and the different culture that one has been born into. Some say the fittest always survive. Adaptation always survives. So for all those who fear change and will not accept change, where else will they have to go? And what can they do about it when everyone else does change....


Anonymous said...

what amazes me is how amazed people are that a hand picked group of idiots are going to act idiotically at some point when on film for weeks on end

gangs form in societies - people pick on difference - stupid people tend to band together with people they believe to be of like genetic origin

in some cultures people are pre-judged on the basis of their family name

stupid preconceptions exist in all cultures - and they're all the more likely to surface when a TV company go out of their way to bring together people with but a few brain cells to rub together

I didn't watch any of it and feel that it was ludicrous that it became a major news story (it was only through news i got the gist of what went on)

as a person of Irish origin, I recall an edition of 'Right to Reply' when a 2nd generation Irish/British woman objected to 'Father Ted' on the basis that it pandered to stereotypes of what it was to be Irish.

it was funny to watch the program makers explain that the show was written, directed, produced and performed by people who were Irish - yet someone who was 2nd generation Irish felt entitled to accuse them of racism!

i'm not sure if the 3 (or 4??) white women in BB were racist & stupid/ just racist or just stupid

somehow it seems that the only thing to be castigated for, these days, is racism - whereas, it'd be nice some day if such types could ever be castigated for stupidity itself and thence be ignored and avoid trhe risk of them causing offence in the first place

PS. I don't take the nickname of guinness for me as offensive - even if it might be seen as a stereotypical!!

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