Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dangerous Dogs

The unfortunate incident of a poor young girl attacked and killed by a pit bull type dog again raises the question of the ownership of such an animal. Oh how we say that we are a nation of dog lovers. Yet so many are still bought on a whim for some hapless hoody who swaggers around with all the cockiness of retarded gorilla. How on earth do they obtain pitbulls and the such at such a young age? Do they plead with "puppy dog eyes" to their moronic parents that they don't feel safe out on the streets and need protection? Stick a condom over yer head! I would love to own a dog but have two cats for the simple reason that I can't commit to an animal that if it doesn't get the love and attention it deserves could turn into something truly demonic. I guess I too would turn mad if I were left alone for most of the day and then not tended to. Actually forget that last comment.

Why do we allow people to keep such animals? Indeed why are people who clearly are incapable of looking after such animals allowed to do so? These dogs are bred for a specific purpose. To kill animals smaller than themselves. Its in their blood. Anyone who says that's a load of rubbish clearly is talking a load of rubbish too. Take the case of Roy of Siegfried & Roy, who for years raised "tame" tigers only to be mauled by one. Just because they may have been raised from birth by humans doesn't mean to say that their natural instincts will have been supressed. Instinct is an uncontrollable desire.

I have to respect my cat. Even though he might be a relatively small creature; if he's pissed off or wants to play a little too agressively, those claws are out to play. And if there's contact, boy does it sting. If he gets his nashers into you then you know about it.

Is owning a pitbull terrier, german sheperd, rottweiler or a doberman about status? Of course it is. Sure they look like amazing beasts and in the proper hands would make wonderful pets and for those sensible people who do make good pets of them; I salute you. But the example of the poor girl killed by a family pet as dangerous as the one mentioned in the papers. How irresponsible was it to have ever imagined that a tiny little girl like that wouldn't be seen as a meal......


Anonymous said...

Pit bulls weren't bred to kill animals smaller than them, they were bred to kill larger animals.. as were argentino dogos and most other breeds... my pit bull lives peacefully with a heinz 57 and rottweiler and a cat, the dog that the cat least fears is my pitbull, will even sleep on his back

2Darts said...

Well I can't argue with an owner who clearly knows his/her animal so well.

Thanks for spotting my error. I mean't to say larger.