Friday, August 18, 2006

Weddings and Funerals

Can't type Claire's on TV..............................................

Ok. Back again. I remember a conversation I had about a week ago with some friends of mine sitting around a table having a couple of lemonades. Something about weddings; I can't rememmber all the details, strong lemonade. I foolishly suggested that they come along to one (not mine of course) to see what it's all about knowingly that its all a load of rubbish. Indian weddings are renounned for being quite colourful with dancing and music a la bollywood styl'ish. Not the ones that I have been to. My friend Kumar has been to a few and no doubt some good ones. I have been to really stuffy ones. Except one. my cousin who laid on the booze and music and dancing was a really fun time. Most of the one's I have been to are rather more orthodox, sober (not in the alchoholic sense) and not much fun. Where are the dancing girls for god sakes!!??!! Just joking. Two of my starry eyed female friends are adament that they'd like to come along. I know its all going to go wrong. They'll be disappointed, I'll have no friends. I have been reluctant to ask mmy folks to reserve seats for four more as I know a) it'll end in tears b) the talk of the girls coming in little black/lavender numbers ain't gonna go down well c) I don't want my mum to think I have had a change of heart. This is a social experiment not finding a new interest in culture. The only advantage that I can see is that I'll have a friend who can back me up when I say I told you so and two fit chicks (who also happen to be really good friends of mine) to take along to the wedding. That'lll get them talking.

These weddings tend to be a bit of a meat market. Think of nightclubs without the banging music, drugs and booze. Things are a little easier in this scenario as there's no need to shout at the top of your voice. Your mates don't egg you on to chat up a fit bird as this is done for you by both mothers of both would be suitors negotiating terms of engagement. Oy Vey! When something like this is likely to take place, I think of two things. The other person is about as least interested as you as they probably have a boyfriend they haven't told there parents about and vice versa or the fact that they are indeed interested and like the parents, well up on the culture/tradition thing to which I say 'bollocks to that'. I've never liked the idea of someone choosing a partner for me. My folks don't do it to me and I'm grateful for it.

Funerals? There is a sense that the same thing happens as above but in a much more sombre mood. What? I'm just saying how it is.

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