Monday, August 28, 2006

Turkish Bomb blasts

Just a moment to mention what has happened in Turkey. I watched the news earlier on about the bomb blasts in Turkey. Words cannot describe how terrible this act of terrorism has been towards a clear target. Tourists. Whether british or otherwise, this kind of insanity just shows how the perpitrators have lost touch of the concept of humanity and togetherness. Ironically there was a question on the bbc news website about multiculturism, does it work? Of course it does. I live in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and most of us live in wonderfully diverse communities where friends are friends and people meet people. I have many friends from a wide range of cultures and social backgrounds. I believe that each one of us depends on the other to broaden our appreciation of the diversity that exists in our great city and country. Why stop it? Of course there is going to be some pain with being unfamiliar with custom and culture but if we can share, appreciate and respect those things that make us unique, perhaps we can all grow with and enjoy what we as human beings are about. Shame on those people that prevent this from happening. Shame on them for teaching the very children that will shape our future with their own prejudices. A real damn shame.

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