Friday, August 25, 2006

The case of the hollywood actress

Weird. Some years ago I watch Interview with a Vampire and along with the starry cast such as Tom (weirdo) Cruise and Brad (I'm with Angelina Jolie, lucky bastard) Pitt, was a young Kirsten Dunst. Since that infamous film, she has starred amongst others, the Suicide Virgins and Spiderman. Clearly in the media and for some blokes she is considered to be quite a fit looking babe. I have not been able to see that. Until now. Perhaps it is the association with the character she played years ago as a young twelve year old. She's been in lads mags on a few occasions wearing very little etc. The same can be said for Natalie Portman. Again a child in the film Leon. Now as a twenty something year old, she looks fabulous. She's even in my top ten most beautiful women. But there is something slightly unnerving with the fact the once they were seen as children and now they play some parts which just seem wrong. Portman in the film Closer made me feel decidedly uncomfortable. Am I alone in this?

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