Monday, August 21, 2006

Reality gone too far.

I've had it with bloody reality TV. Big Brother has only just finished to the relief of the majority of 30 somethings or indeed anyone with an ounce (or gram if you're european) of sense for there to be yet another round of X-Bloody-Factor. Ok, so they (TV producers) are gearing up for the crappy weather that is coming our way so what better thing to do than to put on TV programmes for people who stay at home to watch such rubbish. Having said that, I confess that although I sincerely did not wish to partake in the viewing of X-Factor, I found myself compelled to watch it. I felt like a fly strangely attracted to that blue glow of the fly-killing light (or whatever its called). There is something interesting and amusing about watching people make a right twat of themselves. Like the sixteen year old boy who sang like someone who's rammed a bloody traffic cone up his backside. He looked more like a spindley tree than someone who could sing, shaking like that. Poor sod. They've put him through to the next round. For what? Someone give him a flaming valium or Nytol!

I feel that is my duty as covert TV programming watchdog to watch this show carefully. I shall bring updates over the coming weeks.....

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