Saturday, August 12, 2006

Better Late than Never

Well done Jenson Button. I am a little behind with the celebrations. It might have something to do with the last article. I more than most have stuck with F1 for a considerable time and have cringed at how the sport has turned into something, unentertaining at times. I happen to enjoy the strategy behind the races although it has to be said that it was originally all about the overtaking, the crashes and the drivers tantrums during or after the race. Now its all about fuelling strategies and millseconds at the pitstops etc. The commentators even have data about how much fuel is going into the car by the number of seconds in the pit stop to determine how many laps they need to go on for before the next one. Why ? Because they know all to bloody well that the chance for some wheel to wheel duels are just a remote possibility. Credit to Jenson for putting on a good show and to hold his nerve in the last few laps for quite and easy race. Some might say that it was the unreliability of Fernando Alonso's motor and the mistake of Shumacher that gifted him the race. Nope. Wrong. Jenson had like the two mentioned, started towards the back of the field somewhere between the two. Later in the race, Jenson had the better of Schumacher and was catching Fernando's 1st place. He did it with all the professionalism that comes with his expectation as a potential world champion. A few more like those and he'll do us all proud.

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