Saturday, August 12, 2006

Love, Life and Lager..

Too much of all three is my statement. Having had the excesses of all three I am now obliged (or rather my liver and sanity are) to cut back on all. Love is something that I have to do for myself. Without self respect I don't have a great deal going for me. Not only that but it also happens to be the end of the road for my soon to be ex partner and I. No drama. No anxiety. Just an end to something that was wonderful and comforting.

Life; living on a diet of takeaway's is pushing me down heart attack alley. Late to bed and early to rise. Multivitamins, water, coffee, work, an occasional lunch, work, lager, takeaway. What a sad life eh?

Lager (and associated beverages); the root of all evil for me at the moment. I haven't suffered so much than I have in recent times due to the seductive nature that is alchohol. Time to stop.

Who do I ask to stop all of this? Me.

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