Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Dating Scene

Single mature woman, 34-31-39 (loosely), in need of love. Interests are canoeing, sky diving and eating (slurping) out. Hoping to meet Mr Right for friendship or more. Much more.

For fear for doing a Salman (Rushdie) I decided to be fair when compiling this list of dating websites for all popular (or unpopular) faiths.

  • For Catholic Fun or more (nudge nudge wink, wink) Press here
  • Time get that Hijab dry cleaned and ready for some singles dating fun. Press here
  • For some Jewish fun and frolicking, Press here
  • For the Passionate Pagans, Press here
  • And for all you randy single Mormon's (LDS), look no further. Press here

I must admit I lingered on the Pagan site for a little longer. Such strange and interesting people.

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