Monday, August 28, 2006

Hugging Saint

Some time ago, my mum mentioned to me that there was a lady in town known as the Hugging Saint. As some of you know, I am not religiously inclined but I couldn't help think about the positive impact that this wonderful woman has by the very gesture, no, belief that hugging someone sometimes is all they need to feel better about world and can help themselves through the bad times.

Just that physical act can make the difference. I have and have done to friends and family at a time of need and this is all that requires to wake up the next morning feeling a little more positive about the world. There is so much comfort from such a simple act that the world can be a better place. Of course gender comes into this equation.

Some men have a beer and bond. Some women talk (which I think is an amazing gift that men don't really have) and hug each other. We all have our own way of resolving differences or to express what we feel. All of which ends in a conclusion. A settlement. A type of satisfaction. Which ever way works. If we did more of these things, perhaps our lives could feel more content. I'm probably rambling on. Time to switch off. Good night.

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