Friday, August 18, 2006

Weather Girl part deux

In my struggle to have a lay in during the precious time I have away from work, I cannot seem to sleep after 8.00am. This means getting up downloading some logs (IT humour) and making a cuppa. There is only one reason to watch GMTV at this time of the day and that is the wonderful Claire Nasir. Now as I mentioned in a previous article, I nearly met her. I won't go through the technicalities of 'nearly'; read the previous article. The TV in the bedroom is where I get her weather forecasts. Now I did mention that the TV doesn't do her justice for obvious reasons i.e. the TV always puts on an extra few pounds. How wrong I was. I switched on the living room TV and observed that indeed the TV in THAT room doesn't. Sorry Claire, only the bedroom TV makes you look a little chubby. Will replace that TV prompto. Did I mention that she was wearing a nurses uniform this morning. Well sort of....Phwoarrrr!

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