Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tom and Jerry

What is wrong with this country and the authorities who decided to censor one of my all time favorite cartoons? The news this afternoon declared that Tom and Jerry cartoons will be subject to censorship for a number of scenes involving Tom smoking a cigarette. This is supposed to protect children from the evils of smoking. I mean how young do they expect them to pick up the habit let alone from a character that gets the crap beaten out of him in every cartoon??!! I would hardly call Tom a role model. What will they do next? Ban the cartoon itself because it is too violent? Pah! I saw a film once called Super Nova (No. Not about a very fast crappy Vauxhall car) in which one of the characters was doing a doctorate or something like that on 20th century cartoons and the violence associated with it in which one chap says to the other "wasn't that supposed to be outlawed"???????!!! Words cannot describe how annoying it is to hear such stupidity. The flaming characters in the cartoon aren't even real for god's sake!!!

Tom and Jerry will be turning in their grave if ever they heard such a thing!

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