Saturday, August 26, 2006

Erotic Photography.

I was reading some of Acronym's blog this morning and came across some reference links to erotic photography. I'm sure in most parts of europe that for a bloke to find erotic photography interesting is accepted purely for those reasons. But somehow I would find it hard to believe in the land that produced such classics such as 'Carry on Camping' and 'Carry on Doctor' etc that for someone like me to suggest that I am interested in erotic photography, that some people would snigger that its more like a copy of playboy/penthouse/razzler/hustler that he's into.

Boris Vallejo and H.R. Giger are two artists that I admired when I used to paint. Admittedly this was many years ago. I still have moments where I feel inspired to paint again. Perhaps in time and I suppose perhaps I can now that I have more time to myself I might just pick up that paintbrush again.

The drawing you see here is called Mirage and is a Boris Vallejo.


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