Sunday, August 27, 2006


I enjoy survival programmes. You the type. Bloke goes out into the australian outback and teaches people how to survive. This subject fascinates me. Not that I would ever end up in such a situation. I'm too much of a town person although with the right people I'd like to go camping now and again. Tents and a hole in the ground for you know what. That kind of thing. The closest I got to that so far is leaving all the windows to my house open, not tidy up for a week, not flush the loo except for a number two for a whole day. Conserving water.....sort of.

Ray Mears is quite a prominant survival expert on TV at the moment. I muched preferred the bush tuckerman though for one reason only. The Bush Tucker man looks the part of someone who has actually been 'out there'. Lean, tanned and weathered. Everything Mr Mears is not who I can one hundred percent say is chubby, pasty and must use a moisturising lotion everyday, morning and evening. I mean how many snails and worms does he need to eat to maintain that kind of physic? They are most probably extinct in the parts of the world he has visited and filmed for our pleasure. A one man enviromental hazard!

Only joking. In a world that we live in where our children can't play on the streets anymore, where gangs of hooded teens terrorise the neighorhood and wildlife areas just do not exist anymore where once I as I child would fish for frogs, newts, erm fish, go tree climbing, make makeshift tents and pretend bows and arrows. Thank god for programmes like this. I bet there isn't one kid of a certain age who after watching his programmes would love to try lighting a fire in the middle of a downpour to see if it really does work. Or string a hammock between two no-parking signs.

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