Friday, August 25, 2006

Valentines day

"A long time ago, I got a telephone call from a friend of mine who wished me a happy valentines day. I was suprised and flattered at the same time as I never expected to hear it from this particular person. It got me thinking (yes I know, I'm a little slow) about what it meant. In particular of the circumstances that she and I were in at the time. She married and me with someone. I always thought that there may have been something between us which clearly didn't happen because she got married after which I resigned myself to being just a friend. It was however one of those thought provoking moments where I found myself once again in the same situation, why always the friend and never the lover?"

Then I thought about it some more.

This friendship is far more precious than anything that can survive a relationship. Friendships between two sexes are a safeguard to two people wanting more because the passion for each other is sometimes too much to deal with and neither one can ever put that step forward in the right direction for one reason or another so to end, neither person will ever find out.

I'd like to make a point at this time to say that I spoke to a friend of mine tonight who shall not be named who inspired me to mention this on his behalf. So to all you ladies and gentlemen who are in this particular predicament right now, say what you feel to this person because time flies by and before you know it everything becomes too complicated to say what you really mean.


**acronym** said...

Thank you for your nice comment. It's hard to be REALLY honest in today's world. It's a very demanding task to be true to oneself, not to mention being always frank with others. I guess it is easier to be utterly open here, on a blog than in real life. Still I try to be truly myself here and everywhere else and I'm glad that some people appreciate that. Thank God there are people like you who aren't afraid to show their inner self. Of course you can put a link to my blog on your blog. It flatters me :)
Looking forward for your next comment ;)

2Darts said...

I'm flattered that you're flattered. It is nice to meet like minded people if in a slightly unorthodox method. I like your avatar. Its a great expression of yourself. There are boundless ways of being honest and this way happens to suit our time in this life. What made you find this way of expression?

**acronym** said...

First I'd like to apologize for all my future language mistakes :) Although I know a little bit of English, I still have twice that much to learn :)
I really like those sudden online encounters of kindred spirits.
As for your question- I've always looked for various ways of self-expression. I gave up trying to be understood by people I know a long time ago. I guess I'm incomprehensible to most of them.
But still I feel this great need to reveal what's hidden inside of me. I thought that it would be a good idea to have a personal, online diary. I spend most of my time in front of computer screen anyway, so why not find another 15 minutes to write what's on your mind. Besides, I sometimes feel like I want to scream out loud the things that have to remain unspoken. That is when I add the most personal posts to my blog. It seems like relief to me. And how did you get here?

2Darts said...

For me this was just something to pass the time with and to see what kind of a response I would get through blogging. I soon released that it is for me and me alone. I may have a public audience but that is part and parcel of having an on line diary. If people truly wish to keep their innermost thoughts private, then there are many other ways to do it.

You are right in what you do and how you express yourself. I find this a great way to let off steam. This is a great place to say what you really mean and if you maintain a degree of aninomity then there is nothing to stop you writing anything you like. I personally would stop going too far as there is a line not to be crossed with certain friends and family if they know about the blog.b