Saturday, August 26, 2006

Formula 1 update

Will Jenson Button do it again? The Turkish grand prix is about to kick off tomorrow and I for one don't think so. Put him in a Ferrari, most definitely. The results for tomorrows race?

1) Michael Shumacher
2) Felippe Massa
3) Jenson Button

What happened to Kimi Raikonen? What happened to McLaren? Are they on a downward slope? Why did they cut Montoya's drive short? Questions, questions. I for one think that McLaren have never adopted the more risque strategies adopted by teams such as Ferrari and Renault.

What was Mark Webber thinking of moving to Red Bull? Sure he has a good, solid, experienced partner in David (Jaws) Coulthard but for a team that is consistently being challenged by its junior team, Torro Rosso, what chance does he have of showing the world what he is really made of. I believe Webber to be one the most talented drivers out there along with Button, Massa, Raikonen, Alonso (note: not Schumacher, either of them). Put him in a Ferrari, scrap the Schumacher clause that seems to prohibit so many talented drivers from putting him in the shadows, and he would make a fine world champion with a load of sponsorship money coming his way and a nation who love their motorsport.

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