Thursday, August 31, 2006

Football Madness

Football. What is it good for? Beer, tribal togetherness, racism and violence.

Not my opinion but observation. Stamping out the latter two I think is nigh on impossible. What a shame. So my interest in football is of the average person. I watch the internationals and european champions league. Nothing more, nothing less. So with all good intention a good friend of mine lent me a DVD. A educational video called I.D. (only joking). I thought that Green Street was a pretty good look at football hooliganism with a nice touch being the american in with a bunch of football tossers. Do they get this sort of thing with American football? Dunno. I'll have to research that later.

Last night I got back from a very wonderful day with two really good friends of mine who fed and watered me and took me for a walk too (woof). It was about ten o'clock in evening and usually a time where I wouldn't bother watching anything too taxing but I felt compelled to watch this movie 'I.D' as my friend put it, "you'll like this" said with a twinkle in his eye. There are three things I liked about the film by the time it finished. The very eighties feel to it, a who's who cast before they were pseudo famous (many of which now or have starred in Eastenders) and its unashamed glamourisation of football hooliganism which cleverly ends in very realistic depravity. It says everything about the first line in this article.

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