Friday, August 18, 2006

Simpsons Episode

Unbelivable. While watching a repeat of the O.C. (no idea why, something to do), this particular episode has Seth (geeky but cool bloke) smoking as the americans say 'pot'. Dope. Whatever. The guy is someteen and enjoying the benefits of smoking the weed. Cool until he gets a ticking off from his rent-a-brother about the evils of smoking 'the shit'. Strange how is girlfriend has a booze problem and his arch love rival in a couple of episodes time falls off a cliff after necking most of a bottle of rum/whisky. I don't know about you but the positive message is smoke dope and talk a load of crap or drink booze and pretend to fly off a cliff and kill youself.

On to a Simpsons episode called medical marijuana. Brilliant! Homer has a problem with his eye sight so his doctor prescribes him medical marijuana. Fantastic. Where is this doctor? There's the part where his mates are in the bar complaining about Homer being stoned all the time and they were going to throw a party for him except one of the blokes nearly had alchohol poisoning due to too much drinking. Too bloody right. I've never heard of anyone dying through smoking too much dope. They've passed out well before on the stuff.

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