Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cockney Cows

I won't start a debate on the basis of how much scientists get paid for proving something that most us couldn't give a toss about. They would probably argue 'not enough'. Fair enough. So I shall attack there credibility. One of the first things I spotted on the news was an article on cows having regional accents. I haven't even bothered reading it but please, please, please, tell me that some supposedly super intelligent group of people haven't spent the last however long proving this. The stupid animals also happen to be affected by peer pressure. WHAT DO THEY MEAN???? Heres a likely scenario up in the Scottish Highlands:

group of cows: Goo on Jimmy hav some-a tha thistle, it'll put haairs on yar cheeaaaasstt moooo.

cow called Jimmy: Nooooo. I canna do it..

group of cows: argh come on gob shite whaas wrong with yar. Mooooo. Och eye he's nothin but a pansy. Mooo

Really. What ever next. Click here for the full article. There's a hilarious sound clip of regional cow accents. Brilliant!

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